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Aura Repair

It is important to have a strong aura to protect the person from toxic energies. As part of a Shamanic Reiki distance session, I check a person’s aura. Since I ‘see’ energy, I’m able to see a person’s aura, the same as I can see the energy in chakras.

An aura has many layers, textures, temperatures, colors and can span several feet around the person’s physical body. Often when people are suffering dissociation, depression, possession of their soul, quick anger, fear or just a sense of loss, their auras have been disturbed. When a person becomes vulnerable it is often because there is a crack or intrusion of another spirit or energy upon the aura.

My job is to help assist in clearing the negative energy and ‘build’ up the aura to make it ‘whole’ again. I call on my Spirit Guides and the person’s Spirit Guides to help me do this and then simply send love energy to the person to fill them up. By doing Shamanic Reiki on people and addressing their pain or needs, healing takes place. This actually helps to seal the cracks in the person’s aura. The more the person fills up with their own self-love and acceptance, the wider and stronger his or her aura becomes.

People are born with the first three layers — the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

Auras and ChakrasFirst Layer: Etheric Body

The first layer is the physical blueprint of the body. It relates to the health, survival and security of the physical body very much like the root or first chakra. Illness, injuries and physical symptoms can be seen in this layer. The etheric layer is the closest layer to the body. It fits like a second skin and extends 1/4 inch to two inches from the body. Visually, it appears as a gray light or light blue haze near the skin.

Second Layer: Emotional Body

The second layer is related to your emotions and boundaries — emotions with ourselves and emotions we have for others around us. It appears as a swirling mass or puffy cloud of pink to the visual eye. The form resembles the human shape, but it is not as defined as the Etheric Body.

Third Layer: Mental Body

The third layer relates to your basic beliefs, personal power, intellect and understanding. It represents your thoughts and ideas. Typically, this layer manifests around the head and shoulder area as a yellow glow. Thoughts and ideas become substantiated within this layer of your aura. It is very easy to see because it stands out when people are thinking or processing thought.

Fourth Layer: Astral or Buddhic Layer

The fourth layer is the glue between the physical and the spiritual realms. It marks the division between the physical and higher, divine layers. This layer also represents and is responsible for the interaction between yourself and people. It is known as the layer of love and relationships — with yourself, your body, others, and God.

Fifth Layer: Etheric Template or Atomic Layer

The fifth layer sets up the last two layers. It is an abstract layer and the basic template of your uniqueness and inner identity. It is literally a ‘copy’ of the physical body on a much higher level.

Sixth Layer: Celestial Body

The sixth layer is also known as Monad. It literally means the body of emotional level on the spiritual plane. It is how it feels to be connected to the Universe. This layer is your connection to group consciousness, unconditional love and clairvoyance.

Seventh Layer: Ketheric Template

The seventh layer is also known as the Causal/Soul Body and some refer to it as The Divine. This is the mental layer of the spiritual level. It is our spiritual template. By connecting with this layer, we become ‘one’ with Spirit, experiencing bliss and an incredible ‘oneness’ state. Through this layer, we can look into our past lives.

Information on Aura layers reprinted with permission by Crystal Burnham at