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Chakra Balancing

Chakra SystemThe Divine interfaces with the physical through these whirling, energy vortexes. If chakras are blocked, physical illness or injury may manifest in the body. Sometimes, the first step in a Reiki or distance healing session is to balance the chakras.

Chakras swirl clockwise. Their energy can be measured by using a pendulum placed 6-8 inches above the chakra on the body. If a chakra is closed or stagnant, the pendulum may not move at all, move counter-clockwise, or move back and forth. The intention of the Reiki practitioner is vital. It is the intent of healing that is key, as well as the intuition of the practitioner. I move through the swirling energy fields to find the ‘cold spots’ or stagnant energy. Opening the chakras can lead to a change in energy vibration, color and/or heat, release of emotions/toxins, etc. Often when I give a chakra balancing session, I see colors, situations, spirits, and dark or light energy that intuitively ‘pulls’ me to the chakra or area of the body that requires the most energy healing.

Before every Shamanic Reiki session, I ‘check’ the person’s chakras as they are great indicators for which areas contain blocked energy. But healing chakras through distance and across the Universe is just as effective as doing it in person.

When doing a distance chakra balancing session, I call on the person’s soul and it reveals it’s energy to me. I can see, feel and hear what is going on in a person’s chakras, even miles away. The energy can look dark, colored, angry, soft, on fire, blocked, open, stagnant, ect. The energy can tell me what is happening in and around the person. All of my distance energy healing sessions involve an ‘energy scan’ of my client’s chakra system.

Chakras1st Chakra / Root Chakra

  • Location: base of spine
  • Color: red
  • Basic Meaning: survival, grounding, self-preservation, tribal, ‘to be here’, ‘to have’, fear of what others think, “I AM”
  • An Open Root Chakra Promotes: Grounding Energy, Balance, Connection to Source/Life Force Energy, Security, Safety, Healthy relationships, Abundance, Prosperity, Ability to Let Go, Positive Attitude
  • Blocked Root Chakra  Symptoms
  • Physical: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Constipation, IBS, Colitis, Depression, Anxiety, Feeling dissociated, Frequent urination, and bladder issues, High blood pressure, Fertility issues, Kidney stones, Knee and joint problems, Obesity, Sciatica, Weight gain/ loss, Prostate and, Rectal cancer, Blood diseases, Skin disorders, Pelvic pain, Migraines/headaches, Sciatic, Vertigo, Painful or frequent urination, Backaches, Edema and poor circulation in legs/ankles/feet.
  • Emotional : Anger of the past, Fear of deadlines/future, Fear of to letting go, Feeling heavy burden on shoulders, Abandonment issues, Rage, Shame, Guilt, Fear or pressure of sex, Numbness, Hypocrisy, Concerns regarding money, Inability to flow with life, Holding onto old belief systems, Lack of trust in people and in life, Lack of integrity or courage or convictions, Blaming others, Self-blame, Deep anguish/hurt,  Overwhelming resentment, Grief, Hate, Constant crisis or stressed state, Paranoia, Mania, Agression
  • How to Balance Root Chakra: Exercise that connect you to your Spirit, nature and the earth (Yoga, Dance, Mindful walking, etc.), Take a shower, Meditation, Visualization of the color red, Aromatherapy (essential oils), walking barefoot, Get a Reflexology massage, Prayer, Healthy eating, Affirmations/Mantras

2nd Chakra / Sacral Chakra

  • Location: abdomen, sexual organs, lower back, hips
  • Color: orange
  • Basic Meaning: sexuality, emotions, creativity, self-gratification, ‘to feel, to want’, guilt stored here if not cleansed, “I FEEL”
  • Blocked Sacral Chakra Symptoms:
  • Physical : Bladder pain/frequent urination, Cystitis, Gyneocological Problems (Infertility, Endometriosis, Miscarriages, Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids, Pre-menstrual syndrome, Cramps, etc.) IBS, Kidney issues, Muscle cramping and spasms, Prostate Disorders, Testicular cancer, Candida, Bedwetting, Circulation problems in heands and feet, Creative Energy blocks
  • Emotional : Shame, Guilt, Lack of Trust in life and people in general, Lack of patience, Desire to run and hide, High levels of anxiety, Holding on to old beliefs and pain, Tightly wound, Frustration, Feelings of inferiority and inadequacy, Rage/Anger, Tendency to force things, Feeling Victimized, Pessimism, Numb or Dissociated, Co-Dependency or Neediness, Out of Body Feeling, Shut down/Closed, Anxiety, Depression, Putting others first, Not taking care of yourself, Blaming others instead of taking responsibility for one’s life, Constant anger at a partner, Self-sabotage/punishment, Self-denial, Rejecting feminine or masculine aspect of oneself, Bitter words left unspoken leading to 5th chakra blockage, Sexual stress/pressure/concerns, Tension, Inflexible social and political beliefs, Anger towards past love relationships, Fear of mother or father, Emotionally overwhelmed, Control issues, Suppression of emotions,  Denial of joy, A strong belief that sex or intimacy/touch is bad, “I am bad” belief, Greediness, Addictions, Compulsiveness
  • How to Balance Sacral Chakra: Move those hips through Dance, chakradance, belly dance,  hoola-hooping or Yoga, Work on Letting go, Visualize the color orange, Surrounding yourself with beautiful things (art, flowers, etc.), Gardening or getting out in nature, Aromatherapy (essential oils), Doing something creative, Affirmations/Mantras

Chakras3rd Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Location: solar plexus
  • Color: yellow
  • Basic Meaning: seat of our personal power, ‘to act’, where we store our emotions, “I WILL”
  • Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra Symptoms:
  • Physical : Food or Environmental Allergies, Eating Disorders- Bulimia/Anorexia, Digestive problems (heartburn, gastritis, stomach inflammation/pain, abdominal cramps, acid stomach, peptic ulcers, etc.) Kidney issues/Gall stones, Hepatitis, Liver Disease, Pancreatic Disease, Jaundice, Gall bladder issues, Anemia, Weakened immune system, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Susceptibility to viruses/diseases, Diabetes, Weight problems, Arthritis, Colon disease
  • Emotional : Intense fear/anxieties, A feeling of hopelessness or ‘what’s the use’, Felt lack of love and attention as a child, Depleted of all energies-defeated, Rage/Anger, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, Feeling condemned, Pride driven by Ego, Confusion, Uncertainty, Feeling of impending dread or doom, Anxiety, Giving away or denying your own power, Powerless, Criticism or Cynical, Constant disappointment and feelings of being let down, Failure, Guilt, Shame, Child-like or immature reactions, Unresolved anger or pain, Constant complaining,  The need to prove or justify oneself, Fault-finding in others, Unwillingness to let go of the past, Fear of Rejection, Lack of belief in oneself, Bossy, Narrow-minded, Avoidance of confrontation, Trouble saying ‘No’, Unable to let go of past, Trouble making decisions, Addicted to caffeine, soda or beer
  • How to Balance the Solar Plexus Chakra: Core strengthening exercise like Pilates, Increase your visual arts with drawing, painting or photography, Yoga, Breathing Meditations, Herbs or Essential Oils for the 3rd Chakra, Get some sun and connect with nature, Affirmation/Mantras, Visualize the color yellow, Healthy eating, Sound Therapy

4th Chakra / Heart Chakra

  • Location: heart
  • Color: green/pink
  • Basic Meaning: love, relationships, self-acceptance, ‘to love and be loved’, trust, “I LOVE”
  • An Open Heart Chakra Flows with: Love, Humor, Compassion, Kindness, Generosity, Peace, Patience, Forgiveness
  • Blocked Heart Chakra Symptoms:

5th Chakra / Throat Chakra

  • Location: throat
  • Color: green or blue
  • Basic Meaning: communication, self-expression, ‘to speak and be heard’, ‘I matter’

6th Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

  • Location: brow
  • Color: blue/purple/indigo
  • Basic Meaning: intuition, self reflection, ‘to see’

7th Chakra / Crown Chakra

  • Location: top of head
  • Color: purple/white/violet
  • Basic Meaning: awareness, ‘to know’, self knowledge, connection/opening to Universe

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