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Chakra Balancing

Chakra SystemThe Divine interfaces with the physical through these whirling, energy vortexes. If chakras are blocked, physical illness or injury may manifest in the body. Sometimes, the first step in a Reiki or distance healing session is to balance the chakras.

Chakras swirl clockwise. Their energy can be measured by using a pendulum placed 6-8 inches above the chakra on the body. If a chakra is closed or stagnant, the pendulum may not move at all, move counter-clockwise, or move back and forth. The intention of the Reiki practitioner is vital. It is the intent of healing that is key, as well as the intuition of the practitioner. I move through the swirling energy fields to find the ‘cold spots’ or stagnant energy. Opening the chakras can lead to a change in energy vibration, color and/or heat, release of emotions/toxins, etc. Often when I give a chakra balancing session, I see colors, situations, spirits, and dark or light energy that intuitively ‘pulls’ me to the chakra or area of the body that requires the most energy healing.

Before every traditional Reiki session, I ‘check’ the person’s chakras as they are great indicators for which areas contain blocked energy. But healing chakras through distance and across the Universe is just as effective as doing it in person with a pendelum in my office.

When doing a distance energy healing session, I call on the person’s soul and it reveals it’s energy to me. I can see, feel and hear what is going on in a person’s chakras, even miles away. The energy can look dark, colored, angry, soft, on fire, blocked, open, stagnant, ect. The energy can tell me what is happening in and around the person. Sometimes, a spirit may be sitting in or on a person’s chakra because there is a pain or love connection between the live or dead spirit and the person recieving the chakra balance. I send Reiki healing energy to open and clear the person’s chakras.

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Chakras1st Chakra / Root Chakra

  • Location: base of spine
  • Color: red
  • Basic Meaning: survival, grounding, self-preservation, tribal, ‘to be here’, ‘to have’, fear of what others think

2nd Chakra / Sacral Chakra

  • Location: abdomen, sexual organs, lower back, hips
  • Color: orange
  • Basic Meaning: sexuality, emotions, creativity, self-gratification, ‘to feel, to want’, guilt stored here if not cleansed

Chakras3rd Chakra / Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Location: solar plexus
  • Color: yellow
  • Basic Meaning: power, will self-definition, ‘to act’, where we store our emotions

4th Chakra / Heart Chakra

  • Location: heart
  • Color: green/pink
  • Basic Meaning: love, relationships, self-acceptance, ‘to love adn be loved’, trust

5th Chakra / Throat Chakra

  • Location: throat
  • Color: green or blue
  • Basic Meaning: communication, self-expression, ‘to speak and be heard’, ‘I matter’

6th Chakra / Third Eye Chakra

  • Location: brow
  • Color: blue/purple/indigo
  • Basic Meaning: intuition, self reflection, ‘to see’

7th Chakra / Crown Chakra

  • Location: top of head
  • Color: purple/white/violet
  • Basic Meaning: awareness, ‘to know’, self knowledge, connection/opening to Universe

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